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Modern Market 8/22/17: Had the Summer Garden Pizza (Summer squashes, goat cheese, three cheese blend, dried tomato, Tuscan herbs, Grana Padano, toasted walnut) at Modern Market in Broomfield CO.
Old Chicago Pizza 8/9/17: Had Chicago Thick Pizza with mushrooms and green onions at Old Chicago Pizza in Broomfield CO.
Parisi 8/1/17: Had the CRI Pizza (basil pesto, red roasted pepper, mushroom, mozzarella, gorgonzola) camera.gif at Parisi in Denver CO.
Modern Market 7/30/17: Had the Prosciutto Pizza (prosciutto, arugula, pear, blue cheese, three cheese blend) at Modern Market in Broomfield CO.
Vero Italian 7/26/17: Had the Bufaletta Pizza (San Marzano tomatoes, compagnia della bufala mozzerella, basil, grana, wood-fired)camera.gif at Vero Italiancamera.gif at the Central Market in Denver CO.