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Dough | Sauce | Pizza

Dough Recipes

pizza.gifNeapolitan Dough - a basic recipe with two different rise methods
pizza.gifSponge Dough - favorite dough recipe
pizza.gifQuick Dough - a quick yeast dough
pizza.gifDeep-dish Dough - dough recipe for deep-dish stuffed pizza
pizza.gifFocaccia - two yeast dough recipes, one with mashed potatoes and one with a biga (starter)


Sauce Recipes

pizza.gifNo-Cook Tomato - an easy basic tomato sauce
pizza.gifFlavored/Spiced Oil - three easy oil sauces


Pizza Recipes

pizza.gifPizza Margherita - the granddaddy of pizza
pizza.gifFrench Pizza - a tasty combination of goat cheese and anchovies
pizza.gifPepperoni Pizza - everybody's favorite pizza
pizza.gifRoasted Pepper and Gorgonzola Pizza - a very rich tasting pizza
pizza.gifRoasted Garlic Pizza - a light pizza with roasted garlic, feta cheese, and spinach
pizza.gifSouthwestern Pizza - a spicy pizza with sour cream and jalapenos
pizza.gifCalifornia Pizza - a light pizza with goat cheese and artichokes
pizza.gifGreek Pizza - for lovers of feta cheese and Greek olives
pizza.gifStuffed Pizza - Chicago-style deep-dish pizza
pizza.gifMuffuletta Pizza - a pizza in the tradition of the New Orleans sandwich camera.gif
pizza.gifEggs Benedict Pizza - a good brunch pizza
pizza.gifSpinach-Broccoli Deep-Dish Pizza - a healthy vegetarian pizza
pizza.gifWreath Pizza - another healthy vegetarian pizza camera.gif

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